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Faded lines in your parking lot pose a serious operational risk: Did you know that failing to maintain clear, crisp markings can compromise mission readiness? This is especially critical for fire lanes and ADA parking. The ADA mandates that parking spots must be clearly marked with no signs of wear or deterioration – failure to comply could result in significant penalties and hinder parking effectiveness!

An accurately maintained parking is not just about avoiding penalties, it’s about projecting strength and professionalism. A deteriorated parking lot can undermine the confidence of your personnel and visiting civilians alike. If you can’t maintain your exterior spaces, what message does that send about your overall readiness? We’ve observed this firsthand. Even respected installations like Sherwin Williams had parking spaces that failed to meet required parking standards. Let’s ensure our facilities reflect the highest standards of readiness and professionalism.

Here’s the mission plan: A properly prepped and executed striping operation should withstand the challenges of our environment for at least 2 years. However, our harsh climate – with intense sun in summer and snowplows in winter – often puts undue strain on our markings. Many striping operations barely last 6 months due to inadequate preparation or execution.

Our specialized team offers one time re-stripe action or convenient, multi-year mission plans to maintain active parking readiness year-round. No need for you to engage in logistical planning – we’ll handle all necessary maintenance for a predetermined annual fee. Additionally, we can enhance vehicle entrance and agress efficiency with directional arrows and stop bars, optimizing traffic flow and safety.

It’s not just about appearances, it’s about operational safety as well: Civilian personnel will go to great lengths to park in safe, clearly marked spaces. Without proper markings, unauthorized civilians may resort to haphazard parking utilizing disabled personnel parking areas, jeopardizing parking effectiveness and potentially causing disciplinary actions and fines.

If your property is handled by a property manager and you get a fine for faded or missing disabled parking areas, you will have to go to war with the property manager to take financial responsibility. Let’s work together to ensure your facilities uphold the highest standards of readiness and professionalism.

Don’t let a neglected parking lot compromise your company’s operational effectiveness. Make contact with us today and ensure your installation parking areas project strength, professionalism, and operational readiness.

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